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This is all out of date!!! I'll rewrite this all soon!!!

  1. What is Compers Haven?
    Compers Haven - - is a site that lists hundreds of Facebook like & share competitions that you can enter directly from the site without needing to jump back and forth between the site and Facebook. There are hundreds listed and more get added most days.

  2. How do I enter the competitions on Compers Haven?
    It is quite simple, you usually have to be a fan of the page offering the prize, so you need to click the blue 'Like' button which is the first thing you come to on the competition post (if you are already a fan, it will show with a little tick) - once you click like, you will become a fan of the page.

    Then you need to type a comment in the box such as 'liked and shared' or if the competition has a question you need to answer, this will show up in a black bar in yellow writing above the comments box.

    Next, you just need to click the grey Like Post/Share/Comment button - this will like the competition post, share the competition status publicly on your wall and post the comment you have put in the comments section under the competition post. All done and entered!

  3. My shares are not showing as public - what is wrong?
    Try going to your Facebook settings and do the following: 1) Click on the privacy tab, under Privacy Settings and Tools, you will see the first section is titled 'Who can see my posts?' and the first question in this section is 'Who can see your future posts?' - you need to make sure this is set to 'Public' 2) Click on the apps tab, look for the app named 'Compers Haven' and make sure this is also set to 'Public' If you still have problems after that, please send us a message so we can look into it for you.

  4. Are my details shared with anyone?
    No, we do not sell or share your details with anyone, ever.

  5. How do I know which competitions I have entered?
    Once you have entered a competition, it will show up on the post that you have entered, however if you have previously entered it through Facebook rather than through the site, it will not show up as entered. If you always enter through the site, you will be able to keep track of which ones you have already entered.

  6. Where are the competitions?
    Once you are logged in click on 'Competitions' - you will be taken to the list of competitions that have a set end date and time in the section 'Ending Soonest', you can also see competitions that end at a particular amount of page likes by clicking on the section called 'Likes Required'