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Terms of Service

This information has recently changed, please reacquaint yourself with the details.

We list competitions that are being run on Facebook and we allow you to quickly and easily enter them. We do this by obtaining permission from you via Facebook to do the following actions on your behalf with your Facebook account:

Each time you click to enter a competition, your Facebook account will do any or all of the following: like a post, share a post and/or comment; as determined to be required to enter the competition you've elected to enter. You will only do these actions for a competition you have specifically selected to enter by clicking on the relevant "entry" button.

We only store these permissions for the duration of time you are at this site. The permissions are then deleted until you next specifically 'log in' to our site.

You can use Facebook's app settings to change or revoke these permissions at any time.

Some 'app' competitions may contain a 'referral' link- when you enter through it, whoever posted it may gain 1 or more additional entries into the competition as a direct result of you entering through their link. Not all app competitions will contain referral links. You can entirely opt-out of app competitions on your preferences page after you log in.